Course for Business

Personal Mentoring
Does the thought of doing your 60-second elevator pitch fill you with dread?

Are you allowing opportunities to increase your visibility pass by because you’re anxious about doing presentations?

Do you want to be doing more but you’re not sure what your message is?

We work 1-to-1 with people in business addressing all these areas and much more.

Presentation and Communication Skills Course
If you’ve done presentation skills training, you probably think it’s a one-day boot-camp. You’re thrown in at the deep end, asked to stand up and speak straight away, given hurried tips on managing your nerves, no time to assimilate or practice, then a certificate at the end says you’ve been trained. You’ve had a nice lunch and a day off work, but you don’t really feel any more equipped to present than you did before the training.

We offer presentation skills training with a difference. Our training requires a much greater time investment, but this will be recouped many times over when you are consistently making high-quality presentations in all areas of your business. Our training takes place over a number of sessions at your location and can be tailored specifically to your requirements. Please contact Vanessa to find out more about how Presentation and Communication Skills training could be implemented for you.

    Session content includes:

  • Getting used to speaking without preparation – impromptu or off-the-cuff.
  • Speech Structure
  • Body Language and Gestures
  • Using your Voice

All participants receive a workbook with notes for each session.

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