How would you like to get 60 quality leads in just two days from a business expo? One of my clients did just that after investing his time with me.

You will learn techniques which will help you make your presentations at business meetings, conferences and sales opportunities so much stronger, more impactful and memorable. Stand by for exponential growth in your business!

I use my unique combination of teaching principles, performance and singing (don’t worry, I don’t make you sing unless you want to!) to empower individuals to become better communicators and leaders.

I can help you discover your Big Why, the real reason you’re in business. This can have a huge impact on everything, from print marketing to one-to-one conversations, as well as your one-to-many interactions.

If you’re not sure how to package your content, together we can structure your presentation to make it tight and effective. I will teach you principles that you can use yourself, or I can be on hand to help you when you get a call to present and you need some support, encouragement and practical advice.

Once you’re satisfied with the content and structure of your presentation, we can practice your talk and learn to deliver it with confidence and with a natural manner that will be engaging.

My work is tailored to your needs and includes:

  • Discovering your natural speaking skills
  • Growing in confidence
  • Developing presence and feeling comfortable with your audience
  • Understanding your nervousness and learning how to manage it
  • The importance of knowing your audience and how to connect and inspire
  • Using PowerPoint effectively
  • Dealing with questions after a presentation
  • Structuring your speech
  • Using body language, voice and gestures to enhance your message
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