My Big Why

In 2001 I sat in my own classroom for the first time, watching my students filing into the room. I smiled at all of them – they must have thought I was mad – and I knew I was in exactly the right place. I also knew I was not going to retire as a teacher and 15 years later, I discovered I was right. And wrong.

I will always be a teacher. It’s part of my DNA. However, teaching in a classroom is just not for me. I’m too much of a revolutionary. I’m always poking at things, questioning why we do things this way, why can’t we try something different. I love building relationships, discovering what holds people in place and keeps them from making progress. I love finding the right word or phrase that unlocks something previously hidden, leading to that moment when the student looks up suddenly, stares straight into my eyes and says “oh, my!” and I can almost see the light bulb go on over their heads.

I became interested in communication and leadership when I realised as a classroom teacher that a lot of what held my students in check was an inability to communicate their thoughts, feelings, desires and opinions. I see it in the adults around me too. An aching that they know they’re capable of more but can’t quite access it.

After I was made redundant from my teaching position I had to make a decision – was I going to get another teaching job or was I going to do something different? Sitting with my coffee and cake in my favourite cafe, I knew I couldn’t keep on doing the same thing, I needed to make a change and start living and working in a way more closely aligned with my true self. I discovered I am incredibly intuitive and I can draw together seemingly disparate threads and bring them all together to give someone clarity about where they are stuck or challenged in some way.

I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to bring together my love of teaching, my passion for effective communication and my strong intuition to enable others to express their purposes more readily and passionately.

Here’s my vision for my work. It’s a biggy, but I’m working towards it, one conversation at a time 🙂


Would you like to see poverty eradicated?

Would you like to see conflicts reduced?

Would you like abundance for all?

It’s not a dream. It’s happening. The Fire Inside is part of making this dream come true.

We know that if women are educated and empowered, the overall education of communities is improved.

When education improves, conflicts are reduced because education improves the economic climate.

Poverty diminishes. Abundance expands.

The Fire Inside is dedicated to inspiring women locally and globally to believe in a better world and help make it happen.

Let us be clear: the promotion of women is not the demotion of men. It is the sharing of the stage where gender is no barrier or determinant to great and inspired leadership. This creates a more balanced and opportunity-based society. In order to facilitate the balance we want more women to realise their unique contribution, to develop their skills and share their inspirational stories with the world.

Passion is a fire that, once lit, can burn through all barriers to reach levels of achievement scarcely dreamed of at first.

Leaders are speakers. The source of an inspiring speech comes from the seat of belief that something can be done and is being done and you can do it too.

So let’s get on with it.

Light the Fire Inside you and across the world.


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